FIFA 2022

Qatar is hosting FIFA 2022. The host nation faced certain controversies which became insignificant when players like of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe and others arrived in the middle of the field. This cup could be the last time many of these giants will represent their nation. Many people travelled to Qatar to see their stars in action. An estimated 765K people traveled to Qatar in the first two weeks of the world cup.

The cup so far had some amazing moments. Japanese team outplayed everyone in the group to top the group. Germany could not move past group stage. Defending champion France lost to Tunisia in a surprise group match. Saudi Arabia produced a surprise by defeating the mighty team of Argentina. The young team from USA played beautifully and raised hopes of entering quarter final. Team Croatia is finding it difficult to score winning goals during regular playing time, but their goalkeeper (Livaković) is winning penalty rounds for them.

We have received our 4 semifinalists in Argentina, Croatia, France, and Morocco. Two of these teams were present at this stage in previous cup in 2018 as well. Moroccan side has defeated Spain, Portugal to reach at this stage.

The game’s favorite for this season is still France to clinch another cup. Giroud and Mbappe are their two aggressive goal scorers. I’ll be rooting for Messi as he is still on top of this game and is probably the best attacker ever played this game. He and Luka Modric are giving everything on the field. They are pushing their bodies to its limits to entertain their supporters and keeping the hopes of their fans alive.


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