This page is dedicated to facts that I will learn on my journey to read RigVed (with Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati’s commentary and translation).

Short Intro – This is the first of the four Vedas. As per Yog Dharshan, one must learn the true nature of each element. Then learn how to use those elements in YajurVed.

Chapter 1 (Adhyay 1)

Sukta -3

  1. Here Ashwi (or Ashwin) is used for fire and water. Ashwi is helpful in translating knowledge into action, contains the light of best qualities, and lord of splendor(Food, etc) . We should accept the knowledge of craft, agriculture, engineering, etc for the prosperity of everyone. As per the mantra, using Ashwi, one can make things (small or large) that can improve the ways of life. It can help from basic things such as food (grow, cook, etc) to build large objects of use. It also helps in cleaning the actions and attain best qualities. In Satpath, fire and water are also emphasized as basic elements.


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