In Jurassic park – scary dinosaur
9/9/2021 Beautiful view near a farm.
9/9/2021 Bald Eagle. Beautiful creature. She is little shy.
03/2021 summer.
Finally greenery is around us. It feels so good to be back in summer sun after a long cold fall and winter. 03/2021
Early spring at Palisades. #PixelPics
Last few days of Winter. Eagerly waiting for Spring. Palisades park on east side of Hudson. 3/13/2021. 50mm #photography
For your zoom backgrounds.
50mm is a versatile lens, which gives beautiful pictures (even on APS-C sensors) (1/10/2021) #50mm #photography
Winter Sunset (1/9/2021). Winter is brutal for trees. These large gorgeous trees are left with only branches.
Full moon wallpaper
Beautiful Sunny Day – 12/27/2020
Liberty State Park after first snow (12/19/2020)
New York City from Jersey Shore (12/19/2020)
Earlier this year, near Lake George (Oct-2020)
Beautiful sky before today’s snow storm – 12/16/2020
Winter is coming.
Dark Ethiopian pour-over and Baklava on a winter morning. Bliss!
Liberty Park at Jersey Shore.
Christmas is around the corner. Happy holidays to everyone.

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