Patanjali Yog Darshan

This page will contain sutras from Patanjali’s Yog Darshan. I’ll add some references from YogDarsham (Swami Satyapati Ji). I am also watching videos by Acharya Satyajit ji. I highly recommend listening to his commentary.

Short Intro – This darshan is divided into 4 sections, Samadhipaad, Sadhanpaad, Vibhutipaad, and Kaivalyapaad. It starts by providing details about samadhi and high level overview of yog, and its benefits. This section is aimed towards beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Second section is targeted towards beginners as it provides more details about ways of doing yog, and explains karma. Next section explains benefits of yog and experiences a practitioner will have through his journey. Last section describes the state of moksha. If you are interested in a short introduction to this dharshan, then do watch this video.


  1. अब योगानुशासनम् नाम के ग्रन्थ को सूरु करते हैं। योग समाधि को बोलते हैं। समाधि चित्त की सभी भूमियौ में रेहने वाला धर्म है।

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