Not Tomorrow but Today

There are many articles/blogs/books/videos to provide motivation and a sense of urgency to get up and do something. Here are some of the notes from one such blog

Avoid these excuses: I am too tired. I don’t have the time. I am not capable. Someone else will do it. It’s too late now. Now is not the right time. I am not talented. I am not ready. I’m too scared. Nobody will help me. What if I fail. I don’t feel motivated. I’d rather do nothing. I don’t have the money. I am not in control.

It is fine if your first work (or more after that) is dirty, imperfect. Just start with what you can.

Your blog/work/book/code/meditation may not give you fruit (money/followers/traffic) immediately but working on it every day makes the biggest difference. Never miss a single day. This is specially true for gym, meditation, and writing.

Do not think too far into the future. Tomorrow is distant future enough. Use what you have right now at where you are and witness the magic of creative work. If you are thinking about it too much, chances are you’re killing it.

You can start small and scale, or you can even choose to be small but consistent.

Your heart and intuition already know what you want to be, have courage to follow them.

Get out of your conform zone, nothing meaningful happens there.

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