FIFA 2010 Final Spain v/s Netherlands

World Cup final winners

All Spain lovers it’s time for enjoy. Finally Spain did justice to ill-tempered players from Dutch-land. Orange was squeezed by the Spanish bulls. From Dutch side 8 players got yellow card and finally one got red (they play fast but they play bad). Spanish players were replying to Dutch in similar Fashion. Frustration among Spain players were easily visible when Iniesta attacked Dutch player even when the ball was not there. He was lucky to be still playing. Sneijder himself avoided a couple of cards, when referee simply cautioned him. Van Bommel was found bringing down Puyol and Xavi and later he went to Webb when he was leaving the pitch at half time. As if he was asking the number of fouls he can commit before getting a life time sanction.Foul in Football De Jong planted his foot straight into Xabi’s chest and still he managed to avoid a red card. The match was intense and so were players. Everyone was trying to put his best in the game, off-course no one wants to lose after coming this close to world cup. If we leave the dirt from the game(because of card and fouls), the match was a good and competitive. Villa got many chances to shoot but was not looking in mood to hit the nets. Rubben got one chance with only Casillas at the goal. He waited, waited and waited finally to see ball going out of line after hitting keeper’s leg. Sneijder was trying all he can but then it was the day for Iniesta. Iniesta was playing a superb game since the start. The goal was his consolation prize and a goal that made history. Spain won the world cup for the first time in history of FIFA.
This world cup final was no different to last cup’s final where we saw Italy taking over France. They used physical and verbal abuse both and finally Zidane was sent out for head-butting Italian. This game also shows that Europe is more divided than India over linguistics and culture. The racism is more dominating in European culture than any other literate culture across world.


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