FIFA-Brazil v/s North Korea (Fairest Game I ever watched)

Football season is on. Everybody is walking, talking and living football. Yesterday night Brazil played against North Korea (or Korea DPR). I was cheering for Brazil, off-course yes they have Kaka, and probably one of the best attack. But it was a pleasure to watch Koreans playing football. How often do you see players falling on ground with a slight push from opponent. Almost every minute, and if that team happens to be Portugal (Read Ronaldo here), almost every time they loose ball to opponent.Its disgusting to watch them, fighting for fouls. I have seen one match when Beckham was tired of opponent because they were falling every time he was taking away ball from them. But yesterday Koreans were running after ball like hungry tiger chasing down a deer. They were not falling down with a slight push, instead they were holding their ground even when Brazil was hitting hard on their legs. What a spirit!! They were everywhere on the ground. At a time, Brazil goal was under attack from red Koreans, and Brazil was looking desperate to keep ball in the korean half. Though they ate two goals from Dunga’s army, they are still looking strong and i hope they will give a tough fight to I.Coast and Portugal. Who knows, we may be watching them playing Spain in the quarters. But there must be an award for the fairest team in the tournament and that award must go to Korean. All the best to Korean Team and wish to see similar performance from them.


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