Whose Life is This?

This is one of the most common question that every person have to face at least once in his life. Who owns the life they are living.

Long time back millions of sperms started their journey to reach the unfertilized egg inside fallopian tubes. Finally after swimming hard and faster than competitors, one was successful in reaching the destination. The fertilized egg stayed in the womb for nine long months and on one fateful day the human child was born. His parents took care of him and fed him while he was still trying to figure out the meaning of word, MOM. His parents sent him to school and taught him ways to live in this world. They taught him how to think rational and solve the problems that he was going to face during coming years. He learned everything calmly without questioning on any aspect of his training. Finally a day arrived when he wanted to live his life on his own. Paused and startled, he is thinking, “Whose life is this?”, “What has he done to get this life?”. Nothing!!, he has not done anything to get this life, so he doesn’t own his life. He has no right on his life. So, who does? The question gets answer from the point where it all started, Origin of his life. Yes, it’s the parents who owns his life. They are the master of his life. They are Originator, Controller, and if they wish to, Destroyer of this life. The person is just a slave to his originator. He is bound to follow his originators.

The life belongs to the person who creates it.


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2 responses to “Whose Life is This?”

  1. I beg to disagree !
    Per Hindu scriptures, people are indebted to their parents for creating them. And the way to repay the debt of the parents is to create children of your own so the family goes on forever.

    That is all – no one owns any one else. They take care of you because they were taken care of too.

    Now if you believe in reincarnation – then its even easier – they did not create the soul – it was always there- someone else died and his soul was put in the womb. In that case, the parents are just messengers – helping the soul get into a new body.


    1. @Bharat: A point well made. I agree with you.


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