Is Saudi consulate safe?

Recently a well known (at least in Saudi Arabia) Saudi journalist was assassinated and secretly disposed from national consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey. Initially the Saudi government denied any knowledge and involvement in this brutality. After two weeks of constant pressure from USA and hard evidences from Turkey, government released statement that it was an interrogation that went wrong. As per the official stand, the journalist had an argument with some folks in the consulate, which led to his death. It just happens to be that the argument he had were officials close to prince Salman. As per Turkey government, these folks landed in Turkey sometime before journalist’s visit to consulate and returned back post his death. If one does accepts the statement of brawl leading to death of the journalist, it is difficult to understand how the entire consulate participated in deposing off the body of Mr. Khashoggi. Saudi government (including the king) lied to US president Trump and the world about having any knowledge of it for about next 6 days. Then they claimed that probably the journalist was murdered, but some third party (or rogue element) did it. Hard to believe if some other country or someone more powerful than the king is running Saudi Arabia’s consulate.

This act raises few strange points:

  • How easy it is to loose your life at Saudi consulate. A brawl can lead to death and your body will be destroyed easily to be never found again. Next time someone visits Saudi’s consulate, make sure to write your will and call friends and family. One may not get a chance to say good bye later.
  • If officials kill someone at Saudi consulate, it can take up to 2 weeks before the king or foreign office will know about it. This is either the king is not the real king and someone else is calling the shots or the king was consulting ways to release the news without harming himself and the young prince.
  • This also highlights the extent of corruption in the country. How many people were fed with gold (probably oil wells) to hold the information and deny out-rightly about it?
  • Can responsibility of prince in this murder be ignored, when he is the direct leader/master of two of the folks involved in this murder? Prince has to do one of the two things: 1) Either take responsibility of this murder or, 2) accept that he is an idiot to hire murderer and don’t know what his folks are doing. He is going to look bad in both the cases, but these are only two options for him now.

But as we have seen earlier, and will continue to see it in future, the Saudi government will deny any knowledge of it. They will offer to buy more arms and raise investment in US and Europe. They will initiate some inquiries, and some low-lings will be blamed for this or these low-lings will own it themselves. World will move on to US vs China (+Russia), until we hear again about some other journalist.



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