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Germany survives the day.

What an amazing world cup we are having so far! People are changing their favorites each day. None of the soccer behemoths are standing up to their reputation. The so-called underdogs are emerging with-in each group. One of the nerve-wracking matches was played today between Germany and Sweden. German fans were expecting an easy win, but Sweden wanted to give a tough fight. Sweden scored first, which put Germany under tremendous pressure. Germans team created ample opportunities for the forward and the striker to score a goal, but Werner and Reus were fumbling near the goal. The second half opened with the same energy from the German side. Reus finally scored in the 48th minute giving much-needed relief to the team. The attack continued and they still missed the goal post left and right. Boateng was single-handedly managing Sweden’s counter-attack. As the clock showed last 10 minutes, the coach and bench started showing a panic. A draw from here may still mean a ticket back home. They wanted to score as many goals as they can. A small challenge from Boateng resulted in a red card for the German player. I think it was too harsh a decision, especially compared to what we are seeing in other matches. It was a fair challenge, but the referee wasn’t impressed and sent him out. But I think it worked in Germany’s favor. It exposed Germany’s center back. Sweden wanted to exploit this opportunity and created a gap in its defense, which so far was proving difficult to crack. 5 minutes were added to the time towards the end and German team was trying all they can to score one last goal. They were trying to fire from each side, but it was just not working for them. Finally, a free kick was given and Toni Kroos was on the left of the goal post, right outside of the penalty area taking the shot. All eyes were on him to score a free kick, instead, he passed the ball to Reus to a little right. Reus stopped the ball and Toni hit it right towards the goal. This time the ball went straight in and Germany jumped to 2-1. A classical German way to finish the game.

Germany is right now tied with Sweden for the second spot. They will play S. Korea next and Sweden will face Mexico. Germany must win next game to keep their world cup campaign open. Argentina is already on the brink of returning home. Portugal and Spain are both still playing strong.

FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia is hosting FIFA world cup this year. The hospitality of the nation may help change its image across the world. It may help increase the tourism as well. No wonder countries are willing to go to any extent to host FIFA world cup. No matter who is the host, the games will be nerve wrecking as always. Going into the cup, I believe no country has the clear edge. Few countries can still be considered as good sides, such as Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Germany and even Brazil. The competition will be fierce. Even the group stage matches so far were not one-sided. Favorites will change as the tournament progresses. I will put my two cents on Portugal or Spain to make it to the grand finale.


FIFA 2010 Final Spain v/s Netherlands


World Cup final winners

All Spain lovers it’s time for enjoy. Finally Spain did justice to ill-tempered players from Dutch-land. Orange was squeezed by the Spanish bulls. From Dutch side 8 players got yellow card and finally one got red (they play fast but they play bad). Spanish players were replying to Dutch in similar Fashion. Frustration among Spain players were easily visible when Iniesta attacked Dutch player even when the ball was not there. He was lucky to be still playing. Sneijder himself avoided a couple of cards, when referee simply cautioned him. Van Bommel was found bringing down Puyol and Xavi and later he went to Webb when he was leaving the pitch at half time. As if he was asking the number of fouls he can commit before getting a life time sanction.Foul in Football De Jong planted his foot straight into Xabi’s chest and still he managed to avoid a red card. The match was intense and so were players. Everyone was trying to put his best in the game, off-course no one wants to lose after coming this close to world cup. If we leave the dirt from the game(because of card and fouls), the match was a good and competitive. Villa got many chances to shoot but was not looking in mood to hit the nets. Rubben got one chance with only Casillas at the goal. He waited, waited and waited finally to see ball going out of line after hitting keeper’s leg. Sneijder was trying all he can but then it was the day for Iniesta. Iniesta was playing a superb game since the start. The goal was his consolation prize and a goal that made history. Spain won the world cup for the first time in history of FIFA.
This world cup final was no different to last cup’s final where we saw Italy taking over France. They used physical and verbal abuse both and finally Zidane was sent out for head-butting Italian. This game also shows that Europe is more divided than India over linguistics and culture. The racism is more dominating in European culture than any other literate culture across world.

FIFA 2010 Updates.

Am i dreaming? Is it really true? I cannot trust what I saw, finally its official, “FRANCE” is out of this world cup. Though Frank Ribery and Malouda tried to keep french dreams alive, but their partners were in no mood to stay in South Africa for more. It was expected of the french performance.
Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, Netherlands are already comfortably in for the next elimination rounds. The series starts from there. It is going to be any one’s day. You play good and you move forward, you loose and you are given return ticket to your homeland.
Stay tuned to FIFA for more fun.

FIFA-Mexico V/S France (Dream comes true)

A packed stadium is an ideal place for Mexican wave. More fascinating if the team playing comes out to be Mexico. The anxiety increases if they play against France. This happened today in Africa where Mexico fought a battle against mighty France. Trust me, they fought well and finally emerged as winners too. French team fell down when Mexican wave over took the ground. Two goals, back to back, on target, and France was trembling.
The game was looking balanced at the start of first half but sooner Mexican’s showed that they are here for a win. They started hitting shots at French goal post in tandem. French defence showed their weakness when Salcido reached close to French goal post with only keeper to defend France. Apart from Ribery and Malouda, no french player was looking in control of ball. Result, Mexico sent the ball directly inside the post. Sooner one penalty shot made it 2-0.
It was a much-needed defeat for the french who came to world cup with no charm, coordination among their players.
A little upset in this tournament and we will be saying good-bye to French team.

Fifa 2010 RSA v/s Uruguay

Whole Africa is celebrating, they can see all their stars in action. It’s a big event for all African nations, specially South Africa (RSA). Local support for home team is enormous. People cheer them up, every time they run towards opponent’s goal. But the poor performance by RSA team was not worth the efforts supporters are making. They were playing like a newbie. The ball looked in no mood to stick to their shoes. They were loosing possession to Uruguay players as soon as they were coming inside their half. Uruguay too was in no mood to take the opponent lightly. Even though Uruguay is no football champion but they managed to kill RSA by 3-0.
Overall, the match was a pain to eyes.

FIFA-Brazil v/s North Korea (Fairest Game I ever watched)

Football season is on. Everybody is walking, talking and living football. Yesterday night Brazil played against North Korea (or Korea DPR). I was cheering for Brazil, off-course yes they have Kaka, and probably one of the best attack. But it was a pleasure to watch Koreans playing football. How often do you see players falling on ground with a slight push from opponent. Almost every minute, and if that team happens to be Portugal (Read Ronaldo here), almost every time they loose ball to opponent.Its disgusting to watch them, fighting for fouls. I have seen one match when Beckham was tired of opponent because they were falling every time he was taking away ball from them. But yesterday Koreans were running after ball like hungry tiger chasing down a deer. They were not falling down with a slight push, instead they were holding their ground even when Brazil was hitting hard on their legs. What a spirit!! They were everywhere on the ground. At a time, Brazil goal was under attack from red Koreans, and Brazil was looking desperate to keep ball in the korean half. Though they ate two goals from Dunga’s army, they are still looking strong and i hope they will give a tough fight to I.Coast and Portugal. Who knows, we may be watching them playing Spain in the quarters. But there must be an award for the fairest team in the tournament and that award must go to Korean. All the best to Korean Team and wish to see similar performance from them.